About Us

Havana Concepts is a curated, community resale boutique in the heart of Prince George's County, Maryland. Our selection is inspired by the idea of "just be cool". Just be cool is a life style philosophy that was the brainchild of the owners and close friends. Simply put everything in life is a massive hassle. Bills, kids, war, discrimination, KARENS! Almost nothing but hassle. But you know what doesn't have to be a hassle? Finding a cool piece of clothing that evokes strong emotional responses to a time before the hassle. Remember how good it felt to put on that comfy & cozy hoodie? Beyond the jokes and sass our store is about inclusivity and it is our mission to supply our clients with clothing that aligns with the just be cool motto. We aim to provide both fashionable and functional clothing and accessories with minimal environmental impact.
With a selection of pre-loved clothing, we offer a unique online and in-store adventure. Our collection includes streetwear, vintage, and Y2K pieces in great condition at an affordable price. NFL, NCAA, NHL, NBA, MLB! You name it we've probably got something for you. Either way just be cool. 
For more information about how to sell to Havana Concepts and our purchasing practices reach out using the contact us link!